Our Story

Oplifi is an independent programmatic trading desk based out of Singapore.

Our name comes from the first two letters of the words Open, Liquid and Fit.

  • Open, for why we started the company: To push for simplicity, transparency and accessibility
  • Liquid, for how we want to be: flexible and adaptable
  • Fit, for what we do: connect brands and consumers

Oplifi has two key focus areas- the services business and product development.

On the services side, we manage programmatic campaigns for direct clients and media agencies.

On the product side, our attempt is to create a platform that allows us to provide better service by bringing in the power of machine learning and AI to an industry that depends so much on data.


At Oplifi, our endeavor is to use data, technology and creativity to help brands connect with consumers in the best possible way. Our vision is set by customer insight, our actions are guided by data and Programmatic technology is our preferred route to execute.

We have a challenger mindset which seeks to challenge established conventions. We are a learning organization, constantly seeking ways to improve our services and explore new ideas.


Gautam Dutt

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Gautam has 18 years of experience in the advertising and marketing industry across Asia Pacific. Having worked across multiple markets in APAC including India, China, HK, and South East Asia, he is well versed in the complexities of the region. With work experience in both traditional and digital media, he has a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing digital media.

Anup kumar

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Anup has 18 years of experience in Media & Communication industry across categories. He has a thorough knowledge of media industry & trends and has seen and adapted to the new world of multiple specialist agencies and digital world. He has been instrumental in bringing many brands on digital media in early years in India.

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