Oplifi is the answer if it’s  a question of driving unique website visitors or mobile app installs, maximising unique reach for brand campaigns, driving registrations, responses or sales on a website, amplifying content, video views on a cost per completed view, and more.

  • Planning across display, video, native, search, social.
  • Targeting strategies across various programmatic platforms.
  • Brand building as well as performance campaigns.
  • Integration with your offline agency partners.
  • customised programmatic campaigns across DSPs.
  • Various kinds of buys like open marketplace, programmatic direct, private deals.
  • Paid social, Search, Video and Native included.
  • Knowledge of GA, GTM, App analytics platforms and Ad serving platforms.
  • Daily and weekly reporting.
  • Continuous optimization towards set goals.
  • Post campaign review to derive learning for next campaign.
  • A/B testing for continuous improvement.
Key Platforms Covered


  • Platform agnostic approach.
  • Display, video, native, OTT, Audio.
  • Robust brand safety and fraud prevention.


  • All social channels covered.
  • integrating FB and programmatic.


  • Google certified professionals
  • On-going optimisation
  • Continuous A/B testing


  • Brand Safety and Quality assurance
  • Premium inventory pool
  • CPA, CPL, CPI models
  • Access to various DSPs like DBM, Inmobi, Tubemogul  among others.
  • Our deep media planning and buying experience helps us use programmatic in the right context.
  • Ability to manage client’s DMP to organise, segment and activate the data.
  • Ability to produce simple landing pages for media campaigns.
  • Well defined SOPs and SLAs based on experience of working with creative and media agencies.
  • Team on experts with deep knowledge of various DSPs, Search and Social platforms to ensure business continuity.
  • Address basic hygiene issues with SEO.
  • Websites, WordPress Websites & Landing Page.