Programmatic Led Influencer Marketing- A well-kept secret

Sneha Jaiswal | Date: August 18, 2020

A research by globally acclaimed research agency shows that 85% of consumers believe in Word-of-Mouth advertising. Influencer marketing not only mimics Word-Of-Mouth advertising but also gives a face to the brand’s online personality. Every brand today wants to explore influencer endorsement opportunities.

In today’s time, digital advertising space has become extremely cluttered and consumers have very low attention span. Moreover, organic content and influencer endorsements distributed through influencer’s own social channels have a very low shelf life as its reach gets limited.

The limited reach and low shelf life can only be extended through digital ads. This can be best achieved by implementing influencer marketing in your programmatic media buying campaign. Till now, only few marketers have implemented and benefitted from this strategy but they emerged to be the successful ones. Advertisers who have created programmatic enabled influencer marketing campaign have achieved brand engagement 100x times higher. Some of these strategies are:

Reach Multiplier: Through programmatic you can leverage various paid channels and extend your reach beyond earned and owned media. Remarketing can be done to Audience who have already engaged with your ads or have landed on your website through the influencer posts. Programmatic platforms can be used to extend the reach of this segment through Look alike Audience, ie. People who are similar to the ones who have interacted with your ads or landed on your website. Furthermore, different ad formats like display, audio and video can be used instead of just relying on social ad formats.

Native Ads: First create a whitelist of websites that your audience regularly visits to incorporate programmatic led influencer marketing on those channels. Then use Native ad format to place your influencer’s content at relevant prime location on those websites. You can maximize impact among your audience through sharp targeting features available through programmatic. This can be great for products and campaigns that require long form content.

A/B testing: When working with two or more influencers at a time, programmatic lets you test and analyze which influencer program works best for your brand.
Planning to implement programmatic enabled influencer campaigns? We can help you discover the right influencers for your brand and dovetail it with the right programmatic plan to drive maximum engagement for your campaign.